Writing answers in positive exponents

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Exponent Rules

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"When a minus sign occurs with exponential notation, a certain caution is in order. Mar 17,  · Best Answer: First, distribute the -3 exponent through the numerator: 3^-3 x^-6 y^9 2x^-2 y^-4 Now "flip" all the negitive exponents and the numbers/letters they are attached to to make them positiveStatus: Resolved.

If the exponent is positive, switch it to negative and put the variable in the denominator of the answer. Add each new term to find the polynomial written with negative exponents. Enter YOUR Problem.

Negative Exponent Rule: this says that negative exponents in the numerator get moved to the denominator and become positive exponents. Negative exponents in the denominator get moved to the numerator and become positive exponents.

IXL's dynamic math practice skills offer comprehensive coverage of Georgia seventh-grade standards.

Simplify and write the equation with positive exponents

Find a skill to start practicing! Exponents are also a critical part of understanding scientific notation, and one of the sets of exponents worksheets in this section focuses exclusively on powers of .

Writing answers in positive exponents
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