Write a story called a strange dream i had

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846 Words Short Essay on Dreams

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5 Famous Books Inspired By Dreams

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Dec 13,  · i had a long recurring dream that played out like a story in this dream a man with horns in a carriage pulled by horses comes across a small village that could barely be called that with only a few houses in it he decides on a whim to expand this village and look after it since it borders on the forest of the fairies and spirits as the village grows larger and prospers he decides to leave and.

If you've ever had any kind of dream that's left you amazed, perplexed, terrified, or feeling copious amounts of any other adjective, I heartily encourage you to share the story. Any idea that is really unique or bizarre is called a "pipe dream" by those who think it is pretty silly. The term originates from the use of opium by smoking it through a pipe.

It is said that opium produces a dream-like state of mind, where things aren't realistic. Knights of America, National Committee, Political Party, Politics, Government, US Government, Constitution, US Constitution, Constitutional Convention, eConstitution.

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