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A thesis research proposal is usually approved after its successful presentation to the supervisor and two examiners. A student whose proposal is not approved on the first attempt may be permitted to submit and present a second proposal. Guidelines for the Submission of a Thesis or Major Research Paper Proposal in Women’s Studies Theses/major research papers in the collaborative program in Women’s Studies (WS) are not merely theses including women as “subjects.”.

All students: Complete and submit thesis proposal. The proposal must be submitted by August 1 to ensure approval by the end of term.

If it is submitted after that date, the student may have to register again for ENG for the fall and may have trouble completing the thesis within two years. The student has to submit an electronic copy of the thesis in the Candidate Center accessible through uoZone.

Examiners may require a paper copy. Examiners may require a paper copy. The student must verify if one or more examiners have requested paper copies and must provide them on request.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit for publication at least one manuscript based on the thesis before the thesis submission. More information about the submission and evaluation process is available on the Graduate and Postdoctoral page.

uOttawa Theses This community was created to ensure that the University's electronic theses are widely accessible in a safe, secure, long-term environment. Graduate students must submit.

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