Role of multi detector ct in paranasal sinuses

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Dementia: role of MRI

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Role of diagnostic imaging to malignant sinus tumors in presurgical staging

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Thoracic Aorta - the Acute Aortic Syndrome

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The diagnosis of paranasal protests tumors is based on the enthusiasm and physical examination. This update of a guideline from the American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery Foundation provides evidence-based recommendations to manage adult rhinosinusitis, defined as symptomatic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity.

The role of multi-detector CT dacryocystography in the assessment of naso-lacrimal duct obstruction Article (PDF Available) in Egyptian Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine 43(3)– The role of multi-detector CT dacryocystography in the assessment of naso-lacrimal duct obstruction.

CT findings of an aggressive form of lymphomatous infiltration involving the nasolacrimal duct area and the adjacent paranasal sinuses were reported. The upper airway is generally defined as the air passage segment that extends between the naso- or oropharynx and the carina.

The longest segment of the upper airway—the trachea—begins at the inferior portion of the larynx and extends to the branch point of the main carina. Image protocol will be based on the type of scanner that is available. Our imaging protocol is based on a 4 slice helical CT-scanner.

For the evaluation of patients with suspected AAS, we use 4x2,5 mm collimation technique with 5 mm axial reconstructions and coronal, sagittal and oblique MPRs. title: role of multi-detector computed tomography in paranasal sinuses pathology.

Introduction: This statement describes the purpose, procedures, benefits, risks and discomforts of the study and your right to withdraw from the study at any point of time.

Role of multi detector ct in paranasal sinuses
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